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Our new book has arrived!

front-cover_border_1600x2400We have exciting news. Our latest book — a young adult, time travel novel entitled “Get Back, imagine…saving John Lennon” by Donovan Day — is now on sale and Donovan promises it’s a book that will appeal to baby boomers, their kids and grand-kids.

Here’s an exclusive peek at the cover copy. We couldn’t be prouder of Donovan!


Imagine going back in time and befriending The Beatles at the height of their fame. Imagine seeing “the boys” interact onstage and off, hanging out with them in the dance clubs of London, visiting John & Paul at Paul’s house across from Abbey Road Studios.


Imagine all the questions when they learn you’re from the future: How are records made? Will their music last? Will anyone remember The Beatles? And then John Lennon asks the biggest question of them all – “What will become of me?”


That last question sets 17-year-old Lenny Funk off on the adventure of his life with a goal that seems impossible – to stop John Lennon’s assassin, Mark David Chapman.


Lenny Funk is able to time travel, thanks in part to his baby boomer grandfather’s old iPod Nano which is loaded with the classic rock and roll, and pop and folk tunes of the 1960s & ‘70s. Together with his new friend Yoko (yes, she’s named after that Yoko), Lenny “time slips” backwards where he meets some of his musical heroes — not only The Beatles but also Jim Morrison and James Taylor.


Lenny must make some difficult and heartbreaking decisions—should he change the course of history, or not? And what are the consequences if he does?


The year 2015 will mark what would have been John Lennon’s 75th birthday and, sadly, it will also be the 35th year since he was murdered.


FINAL COVER JPEG LO RES 0111You already know that our first book is “Leaving Story Avenue: My journey from the projects to the front page, ” a memoir by CBS News Emmy-award winning producer and writer Paul LaRosa. It is Paul’s evocative story of the years he spent growing up in a Bronx public housing project, and how he eventually made the leap to become a reporter at The New York Daily News, then the largest circulating newspaper in America.

Meanwhile, Paul’s memoir continues to get rave reviews all over the place but first to recognize its potential was Ken Auletta, the respected author and New Yorker Magazine writer, who had this to say:


“Paul LaRosa has written a poignant and funny memoir that stretches in an unstraight line from mean Bronx streets to the newsroom of the Daily News. Along the way, in snappy prose, he sprinkles wisdom about New York, the pull of peers and of family, the ambition and pride that propels a working class kid to succeed, and a portrait of the zany New York Daily News newsroom that is one part exhilaration, and one part Front Page. At the end, readers will come to miss the engaging, self-deprecating author whose book reads as breezily as a delicious tabloid newspaper.”


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