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Beautiful Prospect Park in Park Slope

Who We Are:

Welcome to Park Slope Publishing, a new publishing company based in Park Slope, Brooklyn, a neighborhood filled with writers and editors and home to New York’s literati.


Park Slope Publishing is proud to be part of the publishing revolution, one that embraces the e-readers as the wave of the future. Not only do they provide instant gratification (download a book in a minute), but they are environmentally friendly. However, we also will publish original trade paperbacks, and plan to be available in as many independent bookstores as will have us.


Our publishing house – founded by me and various silent partners – is a different kind of publisher.  I’ve worked on the fringes of the publishing industry for years. I’ve liked much of what I’ve seen but, in some cases, I thought I could do better, so here I go.


If I had to describe what Park Slope Publishing stands for, I would say it is a publisher that thinks more like a reader than a publisher. A publisher thinks about his profit; a reader thinks about story, plot and narrative – all that good stuff.


I love many types of books but not all and, for the moment, my instincts will prevail on what we publish. We hope to grow but never to lose sight of what we enjoy reading. If we stick to that credo, we believe our books will succeed.


We are thrilled to announce that our first book – a compelling memoir by an award-winning journalist Paul LaRosa – will be published in April 2012.  We’re very excited that this author decided to go with Park Slope Publishing instead of one of the bigger houses vying for his manuscript. Welcome Paul!


Thank you for visiting our site and please tell as many Facebook fans, tweeps and real-life friends as you can.


M. Berger, publisher